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Plettenberg Bay is currently considered a disaster area due to significant drought conditions. We have had a couple of good rains in April which should alleviate the situation somewhat.

Desalinisation Plant

One of a number of drought relief strategies proposed by the Bitou Municipality is a desalinisation plant, which will access an additional 2Ml of water per day.  An emergency application has been made, with a shortened public participation time period (14 days to comment, expiring on 23 April 2010). 

The project would consist of the following components;

o Two 12 m long containerised 1Mℓ/day Reverse Osmosis units (the modular desalination plants and associated pump station are contained within standard steel shipping containers. This allows for ease of shipping, placement, commissioning and if required, relocation.),



o A 6 m long containerised pump station to house the high pressure pumps;

o Various buffer tanks to store feed water, clean water, effluent and chemicals. 

• Supporting infrastructure would include: electrical supply, beach wells (sequence of wells would be excavated into the tidal zone of the beach for the abstraction of seawater; and a second sequence of beach wells may be excavated at a different location of the beach to allow for brine water discharges), and associated pipelines.

 The preferred site is located on Erf 4117, which is municipal owned land that is situated on the banks adjacent to the Piesang River, south-west of the Beacon Isle hotel, on the northern-most of the two existing tennis courts. This site is preferred for the ease of access from the Beacon Isle Drive for construction purposes and is open enough to allow for the installation of the required infrastructure, close proximity to the beach, close proximity to existing infrastructure, a suitable turbulent surf zone for discharge and proximity to a suitable water insertion point.

Brackenridge Water Project

Brackenridge Private Estate is now effectively water independent. A fissure with virtually unlimited supply of very good quality water was discovered when drilling a borehole.

Please use water sparingly

While the borehole has the ability to supply all the needs of the residents of Brackenridge even when the estate is fully established, the current intention is to simply use the borehole water for emergencies and to allow watering of gardens on two days of the week.

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Bargain of Year: 7 Hectares of Tranquility

Just reduced for urgent sale!  Your family will love the privacy this rural property has to offer.  Electric fencing, 2 dams, large reservoir and 4 water tanks.  Mountain views from the large terrace and pool area. The house comprises of 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, open plan living area with fireplace, study, kitchen with scullery and double garage.  Various outbuildings, paint ball ring and a workshop.
Asking R 3 500 000; Offers on R 1 700 000
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